Earn 100k Southwest Rapid Rewards Bonus Points and A Companion Pass

The Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus and Premier cards are both offered for a limited time with a 50,000 sign up bonus.  What makes this offer so great is the ability to get both cards and gain 100k points and the Southwest Companion Pass.

What is Companion Pass and why should you want it?

The Companion Pass allows for the member to buy one ticket (with points or cash) and get one free ticket on all Southwest flights for the remainder of the year and for the full calendar year after.  For example, if you were to get the status as of May 2016, you would be able to get a free companion ticket for the rest of 2016 and all of 2017.  This more or less doubles your points (as you are saving cash/points when using the free companion option)! It is important to note that while you may only have one companion at a time, you can change the individual three times per calendar year.

How to get to obtain 100k Southwest Rapid Rewards points and the Companion Pass

  1. Apply for Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus Card (w/ 50k signup bonus).
  2. On the same day apply for Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Card (w/ 50k signup bonus)
  3. Spend $10,000 within the calendar year (between the two cards). Just be sure to meet the minimum spend on each card within the first three months (typically $2,000 per card – subject to offer)
  4. After a total of 110,000 points are earned within the same calendar year (via bonus’ on the two cards and 10k of spending) you will have achieved companion pass status

One important aspect of this card is the bonus date (the date at which the 50k points per card are posted), which takes place 90 days after your application is posted. Therefore this is the earliest possible date you can earn the Companion Pass.  It is also important to know your statement date, as earned points via spending will post after this date.  Be sure to keep both these dates in mind if you are attempting to leverage this strategy late in the year.

Once companion pass status is achieved, you will have 110k+ points at your disposal and a free seat for favorite travel partner!

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