Last Chance to Book American Airlines AAdvantage Award Flights Before Devaluation

Today is the last day you can book tickets under the old American Airlines AAdvantage award chart before the March 22, 2016 devaluation.

What to book now :

  1. All flights to Asia Region 1, South Pacific, South America Region 1, Canada and Alaska.
  2. Business/ First (in two cabin configuration) to Asia Region 1, Asia Region 2, Europe, South Pacific, South America Region 2, Hawaii, Canada and Alaska.
  3. All First class tickets (in a three cabin configuration).

The new award chart is not all bad

What to book after March 22:

  1. Domestic short haul flights (< 500miles) in Main Cabin and Business/First (two cabin configuration)
  2. Main cabin and Business/First (two cabin configuration) trips to the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America,

American Airlines Main Cabin 2016 Award Chart Changes

To:20152016Change% Change
Contiguous 48 U.S. states12,50012,50000%
Contiguous 48 U.S. states & Canada (≤ 500 miles)12,5007,500-5,000-40%
Canada & Alaska12,50015,0002,50020%
Central America17,50015,000-2,500-14%
South America Region 117,50020,0002,50014%
South America Region 230,00030,00000%
Asia Region 132,50035,0002,5008%
Asia Region 235,00035,00000%
South Pacific37,50040,0002,5007%

American Airlines Business/First 2016 Award Chart Changes

To:20152016Change% Change
Contiguous 48 U.S. states25,00025,00000%
Contiguous 48 U.S. states & Canada (≤ 500 miles)25,00015,000-10,000-40%
Canada & Alaska25,00030,0005,00020%
Central America30,00025,000-5,000-17%
South America Region 130,00030,00000%
South America Region 250,00057,5007,50015%
Asia Region 150,00060,00010,00020%
Asia Region 255,00070,00015,00027%
South Pacific62,50080,00017,50028%

American Airlines First Class 2016 Award Chart Changes

To:20152016Change% Change
Contiguous 48 U.S. states32,50050,00017,50054%
Canada & Alaska32,50055,00022,50069%
Central America40,00050,00010,00025%
South America Region 140,00055,00015,00038%
South America Region 262,50085,00022,50036%
Asia Region 162,50080,00017,50028%
Asia Region 267,500110,00042,50063%
South Pacific72,500110,00037,50052%


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