Get $600 and 100,000 Points by Commuting

Saving money and maximizing points on everyday spending is a must for any point strategist.  In this article we will be looking at our favorite credit card for commuting.

We have spoken numerous times over the past month about the great features of the new Chase Sapphire Reserve card and why it has the points community celebrating.  One of the greatest benefits of this card is the $300 annual travel reimbursement.  For those who are commuters this is an especially a great benefit as many transit systems code as travel.  Therefore in the first year a Chase Sapphire Reserve card holder will get a reimbursement of $600 in commuting costs just by using the card when paying for tickets.


  • A NY or CT Metro North rider who pays $250 per month for a ticket to NYC will get a $300 reimbursement in their first month in 2016 and a $50 reimbursement in their second month in 2016.  They will also get a $250 reimbursement in January 2017 and a $50 reimbursement in February 2017.

In short, the $450 annual fee for the Chase Sapphire is well worth the expense as you will get $600 of travel credits within the first 12 months plus 100,000 bonus points (after 4k in spending in three months).  We value these two benefits alone to be worth $2,100 – $3,100.  In addition you will also earn a much high rate of return on your everyday spending at restaurants and on travel, generating 3 points per dollar on both categories.

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