Best Credit Card – January 2016

Chase Ink has the best combination of sign up bonus (60,000 points) and long term utility in January.

What makes this card great is its combination of high value points and excellent spending categories.  First, I appraise Chase points to be worth 1.25c to 3c per point, which is at the upper range for credit card point redemptions.

Sign Up Bonus:  

60,000 bonus point after $5,000 in 3 months.  We value this promotion to we worth $750 – $1,800 (depending on conversion).

Spending Categories:  

Earn 5X points per $1 spent at office supply stores and on cellular phone, landline, internet and cable TV services.

5x on common utility bills

On this category alone you can easily earn over 1,000 points per month paying your bills: (getting a ton of points for money you normally spend is always a plus!)


Cell Phone: $75 * 5 = 375 points per month
Cable: $125 * 5 = 625 points per month
Total points earned each month = 1,000

5x at office supply stores

Although many may not have the need to spend a massive amount at office supply retailers, Office Depot and Staples have a rather large gift card section.  To maximize points you can buy gift cards to your favorite stores and earn 5x points (up to $50,000 dollars).  For branded gift cards, there is no fee activation fee, just purchase a gift card using your Chase Ink Card, and use!


Amazon: 100 * 5 = 500 points per month
Home Depot: 50 * 5 = 250 points per month
Whole Foods: 100 * 5  = 500 points per month
Shell: 100 * 5 = 500 points per month (plus you get the cash price!)

In this example you would earn 2,750 points per month or 33,000 points per year (enough for 2.5 one way airline tickets) just off the 5x categories (and this isn’t even close to maxing out the benefit).

As a first time home buyer, we used this approach many times over the first couple of years for all of our home improvement purchases at Home Depot (snow blower, lawn mower, paint, etc. ) and received an incredible amount of points.

There are many gift card options sold at office supply stores, including fast food, restaurants, websites (amazon, hulu, etc), retail and more.  The office supply brick and mortar stores typically have a wider selection over the website but the link below will give you an idea:

Staples Gift Cards:

2x at gas stations and hotel accommodations when purchased directly from the hotel.

Who doesn’t like extra points on gas and hotels?

1x everywhere else

The standard offering.


  • Chase Ink is a business card.  You do not have to form an LLC to obtain a card, you can simply apply as a sole proprietor using you social security number as your federal tax ID.
  • Receive a 20% reduction in travel when booking through the Chase UR portal
  • Signup bonus (60k points) is worth $750 to $1,800.
  • When leveraging office supply store spending and everyday bills, you can easily generate thousands of bonus points.
    • In our example alone, you would earn 105,000 points in the first year.  Approximately worth $1,312 – $3150.

More details can be found at the following site (we do not get paid for this link):

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