Chase Freedom Q2 2017 Bonus Ends June 14

For all of the Chase Freedom card holders, the second quarter 5% bonus at grocery and drug stores is due to expire on June 14.

How to maximize the Chase Freedom 5% bonus in a few days

The main benefit of holding a Chase Freedom is the rolling quarterly bonuses.  To get the most of this quarters 5% bonus in such a short time is tough.

Our Favorite Strategy

Buying gift cards is by far our favorite way to maximize this months bonus if untapped in the last few days.  That said, loading up on gift cards on a brand that you will not use or need does not make financial sense.  Therefore, we like buying gift cards to places like Amazon where spending can be easily spent over the foreseeable future on a wide array of products and services.  Typically buying a brand gift card does not cost an addition fee which beats our second favorite purchase which is prepaid cards with Visa, Mastercard or American Express.  Again these types of card are a great buy due to the versatility, but greatly reduce the overall conversion rate of the  points as 500 points has now cost an extra $5+.

Haven’t Activate Your Bonus?

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