Chase Freedom Q4 2016 5% Bonus

As of today October 1, Chase Freedom cardholders will receive 5% cash back / points at department stores, wholesale clubs and drug stores.

In order to get this benefit, Chase Freedom cardholders need to activate the bonus by going to the following activation page:  Simply enter you last name, last four digits of your Chase Freedom card and the billing zip code then click ‘Activate Now’.

Activate Chase Freedom Q4 2016 5% Cash Bonus

We particularly like this category as it is synchronized with the holidays, making the Freedom a go to card for shopping this quarter.  For those who will not maximize the $1,500 benefit shopping at department stores or wholesale clubs, we like the strategy of buying gift cards at drug stores to use on everyday spending.

When this benefit is maximized we value it to be worth $75 in cash and $175 worth of travel (using points).

Details of the Chase Freedom Q4 2016 5% Bonus

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