How to Book an American Airlines AAdvantage Award Flight

So you have earned American Airline AAdvantage points… Now lets spend them!

A step by step guide on how to book an American Airlines AAdvantage award flight

  1. Go to and log into your account
  2. Once logged in a search screen will appear in the middle of the page.  Simply check the box titled ‘Redeem Miles’ then input the origin and destination and the dates you would like to travel.AAdvantage Redeem Miles Search
  3. The next page will load the date and seat class availability.
    • Economy MileSAAver is cheapest option, offering a select number of coach seats.
    • Economy AAnytime offers economy seats regardless of point seat availability.  This option is much more expensive.  If no MileSAAver awards are available, we suggest looking into Business/First MileSAAver tickets.  They are less expensive than Economy AAnytime and upgrade your seats to Business or First class depending on the seating configuration.
    • Business/First MileSAAver are limited point seats in business or first class.  A great conversion when looking at the retail cost to point ratio.
    • Business/First AAnytime awards offer seats regardless if award availability or not.  Similar to Economy AAnytime, these rewards are typically expensive.  We suggest refraining from using points on this category unless it is a must.  If the flight is a must get, we suggest looking into using credit card points on a credit card travel portal (like Chase UltimateRewards) to evaluate if the seat is truly worth it.
    • First MileSAAver is similar to Business/First MileSAAver except it guarantees a first class seat in a three cabin configuration.  Again this type of reward can be quite a good value when comparing retail value to points.
    • First AAnytime are quite expensive and should only be used if the cabin class, and date of travel to the select destination is a must
      Select AAdvantage Award Class
  4. Next you need to select your flight preference.  The first page will be your outbound flight.  Select and hit continue.  The page after will be the inbound flight, just follow the same steps.
    • Direct flight or ideal time not available?  Check out other dates if your timing is flexible.  Typically Tuesdays and Wednesdays have more availability but it all depends on the route and time of year.
  5. Once your flights are selected you will be sent to the passenger details page.  At the top you will see the total points and fees associated with your current booking.  If all looks to be ok, simply fill out the necessary information and click continue.
    • If you have TSA PreCheck or Global Entry be sure to enter your ID number in the ‘Known Traveler ID’ field
  6. In the next step you will get to select your seats.  The first tab has your outbound flight and the second tab contains your inbound seat options.
    • For extra leg room, exits rows are great.
    • Traveling with a baby or toddler?  The bulkhead may give you a bit of extra room to let the little one stand.
    • Avoid sitting infront of exit rows, usually the seats will not recline.  You may also want to stay away from the back of the plane or galley areas as people usually congregate around them.
  7. The last step is the Review & Pay page.  Here you will be able to see all details of your flight including price, seats, timing and available AAdvantage point balance.  Once the information is confirmed, select your payment method and fill out the necessary info and click the pay button.

Congrats, you have booked your award flight!  Enjoy the trip!

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