How to Match Rental Car Elite Status

Matching elite status at competing rental car companies is easier than you think and can yield some great benefits (upgrades, lower rates, higher point earn rates, etc).  All you need is proof of membership at a competitor and you’re on your way!

Proof of membership typically accepted.

  • Monthly Statement
  • Copy of Welcome Letter
  • Membership Card

Typically award status is granted for a trial period of one year but varies by carrier

To start a status match, just click on the corresponding link below and follow the instructions.

Processing typically takes a few weeks for the elite status match to take place.

For those looking to gain elite status but do not travel frequently, premier credit cards like Citi Prestige and American Express Platinum offer such benefits as part of their offering.  Even if their affiliated rental car company is not your preference, you can still match elite status using the aforementioned process.

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